It will take approximately 1 month to register a Consulting Company in Shanghai Free Trade Zone. For a Trading Company in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the average time is about 1.5 months.

After registration of your Shanghai Free Trade Zone company is complete, you can apply for a bank account to operate multi-currencies. Your company will be able to send and receive payments from abroad in foreign currency.

The basic fees are related to the company registration applications and Government Licenses fees. Let us know the details of your plan and we will send you a complete proposal.

You will receive support from expert local and international consultants. We are also foreigners doing business in China with a cross-cultural communication mentality. With over 15 years of experience helping companies to register companies in China, from banks to startups, we understand your needs to start operating safely and fully supported.

No minimum registered capital is required for to registers a Company in China. The investors are free to decide whatever amount of Register Capital they want, however you are not required to really inject it, unless that is what you wish to do.

It is OK for investors to open a Company in China using a virtual address. In Shanghai free trade zone for example, you can apply for a virtual address for registration purposes only and save costs such as utilities bills in comparison to a real physical address.

The required documents to open a Trading or a Service/Consulting company in Shanghai are mainly identification docs about the individual investors and/or foreign companies. For the establishment of a manufacturing free trade zone company, the overseas investor will be required to provide some additional docs such as estimated investment and a detailed business plan. Get in touch with our team for more details and a complete checklist

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